Popcart Malaysia


What happens if my cart is a no-show?

Never fear! We’re a team of professional and reliable crews, so you can definitely count on us. Cross hearts, we will be there wherever you need us.

What happens if the machines break down?

While it rarely happens, our hardworking machines can overwork themselves sometimes. If it happens, we’ll take care of it. Our team is ready to make immediate measures and arrangements, so you can continue to have fresh popcorns using our replacement machines.

Are the popcorns halal?

When the business grows, we aim to go through the Halal certification process. As Malaysians, we believe in making popcorns and cotton candies that can be enjoyed by everyone. In the meantime, we use halal-certified ingredients and practice cleanliness wherever we are.

Can we use our own popcorn supplies?

We love seeing creative popcorn twists, but why work when we can get it poppin’ for you? With our halal-certified ingredients and premium supplies, watch us make the best popcorns ever. Your only job is to enjoy them.

Can we choose the flavour?


Our signature caramel is a huge hit, but if you have crazy flavours in mind, we’re open to personalisation according to time frame, theme and budget.

Whatever the flavours may be, it still comes in our specially-designed serving cones. For cotton candies, every cart comes with different flavours! How awesome is that? Ask us and we’ll tell the rest of the flavours. Besides that, each serving comes with a matching long paper straw, which is much safer than the usual wooden skewer.

Can we customise the cart?

With an additional cost, you can add your branding or thematic visuals on your favourite cart. Ask for our design template, submit your artwork and we’ll manage the printing. Our team requires a lead time of 5-7 working days, so let’s discuss as soon as we can!

What does the rate include?

We’ve got everything covered! All packages include a cart rental, free-flow popcorn or cotton candy serving, on-site crew and logistic. Some locations outside of the Klang Valley might require an additional fee. So let us know where you are!

How soon should we get in touch?

Basically, it’s never too soon to enquire! Depending on our cart availability, all bookings are on first come first served basis.

How soon can we hear from you?

We love a good chat! Send us a message in our contact form, and we’ll be in your inbox as soon as we can. If we didn’t pop by to say hi, nudge us with a follow-up message.