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Our Story

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Popcart Malaysia operates one of the largest and reliable Popcorn & Cotton Candy carts rental in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2015.

Our Beginning

You know how the best things happen unexpectedly? Our story goes something like this. 

Back in 2015, our founder was tasked to find popcorn and cotton candy carts for a community event. The organiser wanted it so badly that she knew it was her chance to pay it forward. Since it was only a three-day event, finding an affordable quotation was challenging. Some were ridiculously expensive. Determined to keep her promise, she decided to buy the machines instead. After the event ended, these carts followed her home. 

One day, a friend invited her to a kid’s birthday party. Knowing that the kids would enjoy a yummy treat, she surprised them with handcrafted popcorns for everyone. By chance, someone came up to her and asked if she could do the same for a corporate party. Our founder excitedly said yes!

Before you know it, she whipped out an awesome brand name, and created a spanking new website. Everyone, say hello to Popcart Malaysia!

Our Journey

What an adventure, Popcart Malaysia! Over the years, we’ve received so much love and support from everyone. Thanks to you, we’ve expanded from two to twenty machines! Today, we’re one of the leading popcorn and cotton candy service provider in Malaysia. You can even spot us catering to simultaneous events at one go!

The Popcart team is feeling poppin’ too. We had the best time sewing colourful aprons, designing popcorn serving cones and shopping for cotton candy straws. Take a look at our quirky carts, and the free flow of happiness we’re serving for everyone!

Our Popcorns

The rumours are true, our popcorns are a-maize-ing! It’s so well-loved that our Popcart fans are singing praises (sorry, movie popcorns). Don’t believe us? Just follow our sweet popcorn scent and try it yourself. 

What’s the secret? It’s all about using premium ingredients, and we’re pretty generous with it. We’re dedicated to providing a high standard of delivery to achieve long-term sustainability. To fulfil our goal, we’re committed to serving the best. And you can tell from the confidence we’ve gained from renowned local and international brands. So the next time you see us, pop by to say hi!

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